Grade 1 
What Things Were Like When I Was Young
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This project focused on the Grade 1 PYP unit, “What Things Were Like When I was Young”.   To begin the project, students were asked to bring two items that were important to them.  One item from now and the other from their younger years.  
To begin the artwork, students were taught to find the shapes within each item in order to draw them.  Then, students carefully rendered their items on canvas paper. All students were encouraged to fill their composition and add a table line to assist in achieving depth.  
Once the drawings were finished, students reviewed color mixing techniques as well as the differences between round and flat brushes.  As students began to mix and apply their paint, they were reminded to use lots of colors, for example, not just one blue but a bunch blues.   Finally, students used round brushes to apply line.
As a culminating activity, Grade 1 teachers used their language classes in order for the students to write reflections.  These reflections included why the items were important to the students and what they learned in art class.