KIS World In Motion Charity Auction and Art Contest 2014

This whimsical piece was created by Noon.  She won first place in her age category.  Seven other students were chosen as semi-finalists. Here is Noon's account of her win. 


I was very excited the day I was told that I actually made it as one of the semifinalists. I was told to prepare a script long before the real day because 1/3 of my score would come from my speech.  It was hard to remember what came to mind when I worked on my art. However when the day came, I had to try my best and tell the meaning of my artwork. The judge was actually extremely nice compared to what I thought. While she was talking others I was so nervous, however I met some new friends and we talked about ourselves a little bit. That helped me over come the nerves a little.


When it was my turn, the judge came and asked me a few questions. I told her that the story behind my drawing was this:


I think dancing shows a very powerful motion. One of my friends was dancing and I think it made her she look very strong. In the picture, the woman is mother nature. She dances through the dark areas, which are the disasters. Her skirt represents the Spring time and the happiness she brings, according to the bright colors. Mother nature's hair represents the strongest motion. The way she dances makes her hair sway with the wind. The gold leaf on her hair represents the strong special power that nature has, which helps protect or destroy us humans.


It was an extraordinary art experience for me, experiencing competitions for the first time, I never thought I'd stand a chance!

KIS World In Motion Charity Auction and Contest 2014:  TCIS Student Semi-Finalists

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KIS My Future Has Hope Charity Auction and Art Contest 2013

This beautiful piece created by Po won first place for his age category.  His statement regarding his art can be found below.


The meaning behind my artwork is giving hope and the idea of setting free. I follow the concept of karma in Buddhism that I am raised from. I painted my artwork to tell the idea of giving somebody hope is giving hope to my future because it teaches me that hope is not about my future but others as well. I often go to the Suan Pla Thammachat Temple on the weekends with my family. We’ll buy bags of catfish from the Thai local market to release them in the river that is beside the temple. When I released the catfish, it swam away but it swam back to me again. I think it is like they came back to thank us for setting them free and this motion and feeling inspired me. I named my artwork Give Him Hope. The word ‘him’ is a pun, it symbolizes the catfish and myself. Therefore giving the catfish hope is also giving me hope too. 


KIS My Future Has Hope Charity Auction and Art Contest 2013: TCIS Semi-Finalists

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