Advanced Art Lesson
Georgia O'Keeffe Inspired Shells
Advanced Shell 1.jpg
Advanced Shell 1.jpg

To kick off this extensive unit, students were introduced to the work of Georgia O’Keeffe and Realistic Abstraction.  We discussed how the invention of the macro lens changed how people saw the world and also discussed the importance of O’Keeffe as one of the best known women artists.

Students set up their own still life using mirrors to increase compositional elements.  Students were also responsible for finding their compositions and then choosing which composition to render.
Students were taught how to find proportional measurements, how to establish volume, oil pastel techniques and reverse grisaille.   As the unit progressed, we formally analyzed several of O’Keeffe’s works describing, analyzing, interpreting and evaluating each image as a group. This assisted students in understanding her work and seeing their own work with a new perspective. Then, students did more formal analysis of O'Keeffe's work independently.
Students did a research PowerPoint on O’Keeffe that had to include how her era influenced her work, their opinions and analysis of three of her works of art.   Students also did a scavenger hunt on the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum site.  To finish the unit, students titled their work, provided a reflection on the meaning of their title and then described how they used the elements and principles of design in detail.

Images from this lesson have been included in the article +50 Still Life Drawing Ideas for Students on the website Student Art Guide.