Graphic Design Lesson
Adobe Illustrator Bakery Box & Logo Design
Graphic Design Bakery Box-Mai.jpg
Graphic Design Bakery Box-Mai.jpg

Students will be introduced to the bakery box project via pastry.  Students will pretend that the pastries come from a bakery that is losing business to a large competitor.  The company would like to re-market its products and create a new, fresh image so that it can become a market player again.  The company has sent over baked goods to help inspire the designers to come up with a logo and box design for their bakery that will put them back in the game.  Students will decide the new demographic to focus on and brainstorm clichés to avoid in their use of color and imagery.
Individually, students with then choose a template on which to design their new box.  Once the box shape is decided, students will do preliminary drawings and consider a color scheme to give their box the right “feel”. 
Students will load their templates into Adobe Illustrator, then they will then use the pen tool to select areas of the box to fill with color.  As they go, they will be given pointers on design, emotive qualities and effective communication.  As the unit progresses, students will be expected to utilize tools they have learned in previous lessons as well as learn new tools including: type, effects, anchor, and warp tools.  Students will be also design a lining for their bakery boxes as well as a business card in addition to a required logo.
Students will be encouraged to print out rough copies of their boxes to create mock ups.   Once the students have completed their boxes, they will be printed on A3 paper and then glued to Bristol board.  Once the glue is dry, students will cut out their boxes, fold them into their 3D models and add trimmings.
As a culminating activity, students will write a reflection and describe how their prototype is what the struggling company needs.