I go way back with Ms. Elizabeth. I remember during her middle school classes listening to awesome music while doing art; it is one of the best memories in my life. Ms. Elizabeth is a great art teacher and friend regardless of which age her students are, and I can say she is one of the best AP Art teachers a school can get. With out her help and lectures, I wouldn’t have gotten a five on my AP Art Exam. Starting from the basic elements and principles of art, to the important details of art, Ms. Elizabeth has taught me a lot. I have grown as an artist tremendously through her teachings. I can see significant improvements between my first and last assignments during the three years as her high school art student. Not just a very well trained teacher, she also has great humor and a responsible attitude towards the students. I have grown a lot as an individual whether it’s learning my responsibilities or communicating like an adult. Ms. Elizabeth is not just my teacher, she is also my mentor and my friend.    -ANDY

*Andy is currently studying at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), in the USA.

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   In Ms. Elizabeth’s class, art becomes a challenge. I’ve learned the importance of preliminary work, how to apply color theory and everything all the way to matting my own art pieces, spray-fixing to protect the work and things as varied as pottery.

    Learning composition also changed my knowledge of art. As a student, not only have I learned techniques, I’ve also seen the importance of every piece of my artwork because she guides us to further develop the meaning of our art.  She also helps us figure out our successes and areas to improve. From her teachings and the art I have produced, my introspection has deepened and it has improved me as a person. As I am developing as an artist, I am learning independence and problem solving.  So, while I create I can increasingly start to take responsibility for myself, have patience and come up with ideas to solve problems on my own. I have developed as an artist and as an adult, but these lessons can be applied elsewhere.  These lessons have had a great influence on me and they are the key lessons I’ve learned from her, in her class and in art.   -PO

* Po is currently pursuing an arts degree in Taiwan.

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   It’s one of the few classes I like to go to, because I am guaranteed that I will learn something important and new every time, and I like learning. The learning is not strictly traditional, not like sheets and tests, and it's not just the art lesson I get either; it ranges from how to properly moonwalk in public to how to observe working people without disturbing them. And it’s not like when I learn the other stuff I don’t have the skills; I do. Let’s just say even if I just whisper the name of the class to my classmates, they won’t question the legitimacy of my skills in that subject. I learn something, and that something is of high caliber. - FRIEND

* Friend was one of sixteen students worldwide to achieve a score of 100% on his AP Studio Art Drawing portfolio.  You can see an article about his achievement on the website Student Art Guide.

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AP Art Concentration- 2015